Dedicated Internet marketing strategists go beyond the obvious to uncover additional opportunities that provide your business with the best possible plan for achieving success.

Savvy Internet Marketing Experts
DeGagne's Internet marketing experts are well versed in all aspects of Internet marketing, eCommerce and traditional business strategies. Through our broad base of knowledge, strong analytical capabilities, and best in class technology, DeGagne's Internet marketing experts are able to uncover opportunities not visible to other Internet marketing firms and develop innovative strategies.
Award Winning
Interactive Agency Designers
Our designers create each website to communicate your company's brand and unique selling proposition in the most effective way possible. DeGagne also makes sure the design of your company's website or marketing pages are always geared toward promoting the desired action without compromising the visual appeal.
Traditional Graphic Design
DeGagne Design was launched in 1993 and strives to exceed the needs of our clients. From print media, branding design, illustration, and everything in between, we can do for you what we have done for them: Make them extremely happy with the look and results of their graphic design requirements. View our Portfolio Page for examples of our work.

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Expert Technologists
DeGagne's technologists are experts in leveraging the best technologies for your business benefit through development of our proprietary tools and systems. At DeGagne our technology philosophy is simple - use the best industry tools available to make intelligent decisions. If an existing tool does not give us the information needed to meet our clients' objectives, we invent it.
Experienced Analytics Team
Our web analytics service is an essential part of every strategic Internet marketing campaign. Our Internet marketing agency digs deep into your company's website, your online marketing campaigns, your competition and other external factors to provide a performance snapshot of all critical success factors as the basis for the development of superior strategies.

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Experienced Animation Team
A project-based CGI production company that works for one client, one project at a time. We partner with the advertising agency, production company or editorial company as part of their creative staff to provide the absolute best in computer generated imagery.

Our Animation Services include 3D Graphics, Character Animation, Models and Logos for any companies needing 3D Animation, Modeling, Presentation or Video production.

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